• Cerveja Delirium Nocturnum 330 ml

Cerveja Delirium Nocturnum 330 ml

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The Delirium Nocturmum beer of Belgian origin has a dense and tasty foam and a coppery body. A charming beer full of mysteries, developing a desire to taste it even more with each sip. A Belgian Dark Strong Ale, produced from five malts and three types of yeasts, triple fermented, the last fermentation being in the bottle itself. With the presence of alcohol almost imperceptible, so well fitted, the Beer also has a velvety and creamy texture and easy perception of red fruits, chocolate and roasting in its flavor. Drinks of this style are darker, more malty and less fruity and the complexity offered to the palate is similar to that of the aroma, originated by the combination of malt, yeast strain and hops, mixed with the high alcohol content achieved.

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