• Cured Cayenne Cheese Quinta das Arcas 1 kg

Cured Cayenne Cheese Quinta das Arcas 1 kg

  • Brand: Quinta das Arcas
  • Product Code: Queijo Curado Cayenne Quinta das Arcas 1 kg
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Test results
Cheese directed to a specific group of connoisseurs, with a Latin aroma. Irregular texture marked by the presence of cayenne pepper and red peppers. Slightly milky, fibrous, spicy taste. Long and persistent finish.

EXTERIOR: Yellow-orange color, rough, irregular crust, covered by the protective indor food film (aqueous polyvinyl acetate co-polymer solution).
INTERIOR: Semi-soft paste, unpressed, with irregular eyes, spread. Irregular texture resulting from the presence of chilies. Offers some cut resistance.

AROMA: Latin aroma, with roasted notes, bittersweet.
TASTE: Slightly lactose, spicy, fibrous, easily adherent and present on the palate. Cylindrical shape with slight side bulging and sharp edges.

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