• Gourmet Cured Cheese Quinta das Arcas 1 kg

Gourmet Cured Cheese Quinta das Arcas 1 kg

  • Brand: Quinta das Arcas
  • Product Code: Queijo Curado Gourmet Quinta das Arcas 1 kg
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Test results
Artisanal cheese, irregular paste with a bouquet of warm aromas, slightly sweet, with notes of curry and cumin. Of moderate acidified milk intensity, fibrous consistency, slightly spicy taste with an intense and roasted finish.

EXTERIOR: Mustard yellow color with slightly greenish tones, resulting from the migration of the aromatic herbs present in the cheese. Thin, irregular crust and coated with colorless food film (aqueous polyvinyl acetate co-polymer solution).
INTERIOR: Semi-soft paste, greenish yellow, irregular, characterized by the presence of various aromatic herbs and spices. With small eyes spread across the folder. Offers some cut resistance.

AROMA: Bouquet of warm, slightly sweet aromas with notes of curry, cumin and exotic fruits.
TASTE: Acidic milk intensity, seasoned with fibrous micro structures (aromatic herbs). Slightly spicy. Intense and toasted aftertaste.

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